Rewards for You from BuyByMom!

As you know, I’m a national semi-finalist for the Moms In Business Grant.  I’d really like your support of my business project.  As you know, my business is very important to our community because it promotes parents working from home…helping them get the publicity they need to make an income from home so they can be home with their children.
It would be amazing for me to be able to win the Moms In Business Grant’s Grand Prize valued at $12,000!   I only have 11 days left in the grant competition to prove that my project is a project the community finds valuable.
In order to help me become a real contender for the grant, I’m giving a special promotion to all of my project backers.  Right now, I’m selling a $29 Individual Membership to the National Association For Moms In Business for only $10 and the entire $10 goes to build my business!
If you are like most people, $10 is something you spend when you go have coffee with a friend or business associate.  I’m asking you to forgo that future coffee with me and instead put it to back my project for two reasons:   1)  so that I can have a chance to win the $12,000 grand prize, and 2) because NAFMIB membership is incredibly valuable resource to any mom in business and you will not have an offer like this again.
Since you are a mom like me, I can tell you that being a member of the National Association For Moms In Business is essential for any working mother.  NAFMIB is the voice of 15 million entrepreneur and executive moms.  If you are not a part of it, then you are really missing out.  $10 for a one year membership is an amazing offer to belong to this incredibly valuable group.
This special incentive is donated by the National Association For Moms In Business only for the next 11 days because they believe strongly that my business will be a success.  I hope you believe in me too.
I need 194 backers at $10 each to make my goal.  That’s it!
Please go to and choose my project…BuyByMom…to back — It’s just $10.
Go now to and choose my project.
Then choose “Back this Project”
You must open an account because I need to know the correct information of where to send your benefits to..
Once you have created an account, you can then back my project — at the bottom of check out you will find a place where fill in whatever amount you want to give. Enter “$10.00” there, and follow the payment processing.

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