Grow Your Business

It’s universal…everyone who owns a small bsuiness needs clients/customers.  Most want to grow their business.  Some just want to maintain it where it is.  Regardless of which description fits you best, one this is for sure…your business needs exposure to get clients/customers.

One of the very best ways to get exposure for your business is to be a member of Our Milk Money.  Don’t stop reading now!  There is no fee to join and the benefits are outstanding. 

Our Milk Money is the largest directory of self-employed parents in the country and probably the world.  Our Milk Money (OMM) is a national search directory that lists ONLY self-employed parents. OMM is also a community resource dedicated to helping parents who want to stay at home find financial opportunities and support.

OMM‘s institutional ethos is built around a common goal to provide for our children. In this society, the average family is faced with a challenge to provide for their families with no less than two incomes, and are sacrificing their commitment to raising their own children. As a result, many parents are forced to give the people they work for more of a commitment than they are able to give their children.

OMM has three goals: began to grow with it’s first goal: To help parents see that they DO have a choice, and that they are not alone in wanting more for their children. Our Milk Money would become a tool to help parents find financial opportunities and support.

The second goal for To educate the average consumer on the value of purchasing from a self-employed parent, as well as to provide the consumer with an effortless way of accessing the businesses just as efficiently as conducting any online search.

The third and final goal in reaching that destination: We aim to empower one another, set a good example by purchasing each other’s products and services, and pass our funds back and forth in our own mini-economy. By making a commitment to one another, we knew that others would see the benefit and want to be a part of our community.

One of the most amazing benefits for the members of OMM are their advertising rates.  OMM has a monthly newsletter with a subscriber base of over 10,000!  That is some great exposure at very little cost…a huge bang for your advertising buck!  OMM is also advertised weekly on This Little Parent Stayed Home, an internet radio show hosted by the founder of OMM, Ally Loprete.  The radio announcement emails are received by 6,000+ subscribers. 

As a self-employed parent you should definitely take advantage of all OMM has to offer.  To receive a rate sheet for advertising in the OMM monthly newsletter, contact the OMM Director of Communications by emailing her at julianne dot wish at gmail dot com.


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