How to Have a Successful Blog – Blogging Tips Part I

All of us (mommy) bloggers want our blogs to be successful.  Many want to secure advertisers to make their blogs something they can use to not only share their knowledge with others, but to also help support their families by making an income.

In order to do that, blogs need to be successful.  How is that done, you ask?  It’s not overly complicated.

The first thing a blog requires is your committment.  You must post frequently.  Search engine spiders look at your blog when it starts.  They’ll go back in 24 hours and look again for new content.  If it’s not there, it will be 48 hours until the next sweep.  Nothing new again?  The time doubles.  Pretty soon,  your blog won’t be indexed because the search spiders aren’t looking at hardly at all.  If your blog is in this situation, start over with a new blog.  Trying to resurrect an old blog is near impossible.  You can re-use the content from you old blog and get your new one up and running with consistent posting.

The next item is keywords.  Long tail keywords, or keyword strings, are now used for indexing.  Do a search on the keywords you are using to tag your blog posts.  Ideally, you want the search to yield less than 100,000 results.  Keywords should be nouns.  They should definitely not be ‘flowery’.  Use keywords people will use to conduct a search so you can be found.  When you write, again, don’t be flowery.  Flowery sounds prettier, but search engines will not find you.  Write specifically.  For example, when describing a building, don’t say the beautiful building, say the 1920s victorian style building. 

In addition to being specific and using keyword strings, be sure to use your name and the name of your business and company as tags.  Make sure to hyperlink tag words that are in the body of your post. 

Another important thing to remember when blogging is that once you hit the ‘publish’ button, it is out there in cyberspace for ever!  It cannot be taken back. 

Set up your blogs to automatically update to your Twitter and Facebook accounts.  Be sure to add your blogs to different blog directories, such as:

  • Top of Blogs
  • Blogtoplist
  • Blogarama
  • TotalBlogDirectory
  • TopBlogArea
  • SpillbeanDirectory
  • Bloghub

Stay tuned for How to Have a Successful Blog – Blogging Tips Part II!


3 responses to “How to Have a Successful Blog – Blogging Tips Part I

  1. Excellent information! Very useful to me. Thanks for posting.

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