Cancer Awareness – Part II

Lexi Butler, Founder, Owner & Jewelry Designer of & Bracelets of Hope

In Cancer Awareness Part I you learned about some incredible Cancer awareness bracelets.  Here is the story of the wonderful person who makes the bracelets and is dedicated to bringing awareness to cancer and other causes such as supporting the troops, autism, diabetes, etc.

Here is Lexi’s story…I encourage you to read it and definitely visit her site. She is amazing and terrific to work with!

Lexi Butler certified jewelry designer/maker founder and owner of the online boutique Beaded Jewels has experienced the devastation of cancer, directly through her dad who was diagnosed in 2003 with stage four colorectal cancer. When she heard the devastating news from her mother over the phone, she took an emergency flight to Germany to see her father one more time…or so she thought.

Nothing could prepare her for what she was about to see, once she reached her family’s home. The handsome man in stature had shriveled into this pale, bald, skinny, almost not recognizable human being…a picture that would stay with her for years to come. Today, her father is a six year survivor and they thank God for each day he gets to live.

During her life in Germany, she knew her dad not only as the father figure, but as the boss of his jewelry company. As she grew, she also learned the trade of goldsmith and jewelry design; she decided to become certified in both. For many years, she has wanted to help and make a difference, but did not quite know how to go about it.

As many people today, she was uninformed about the many types of main cancer alone that affect thousands of people everyday. She wanted to make a difference and help inform people and spread cancer awareness nationwide through a unique way – by designing and handcrafting each Beaded Jewels Bracelet of Hope with love. Knowing herself how devastating cancer is she wants to “Bring a Little Sparkle into Someone’s Life” which is the motto behind these bracelets.


2 responses to “Cancer Awareness – Part II

  1. This is powerful! I could never imagine going through such a time in my life but they are ultimately the hope and in spreading awareness, we can hopefully overcome someday:)

    • Thank you for your comment. Lexi works hard to spread awareness and I really admire her for doing so. She has taken a very challenging time in her family’s life and turned into something positive for all who are affected.

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